Top 5 Brands Leveraging NFTs to Boost Awareness

With Web 3.0 coming our way, brands are beginning to notice that their traditional marketing strategies are no longer enough. To stay relevant in a fast-paced digital world, they need to adapt. And they need to do it fast.

So, in order to get an early adopter advantage and build brand awareness in an innovative way, businesses from all over the world are now jumping into the NFT space.

Let’s look at how some famous brands are leveraging NFTs to boost their marketing efforts.
How brands are using NFTs to their advantage

1. NFTacoBells by Taco Bell

Fast-food chain Taco Bell recently hopped into the NFT trend and launched a collection of 25 taco-themed tokens. The collection sold out in under 30 minutes on Rarible and is now being resold for thousands of dollars.

With this initiative, the company managed to boost brand awareness, engage with a new audience —a.k.a. NFT enthusiasts and collectors— and build on its good reputation, as the proceeds from the sale were donated the Live Más Scholarship.

2. Collezione Genesi by Dolce & Gabbana

A couple of months back, Dolce & Gabbana launched its first NFT collection —the Collezione Genesi— made up of 9 unique tokens designed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

The collection reportedly sold for 5.7 million dollars, and holders received not only the NFT but also physical versions of the items they represent and exclusive access to events, showing the growing importance of utility in the NFT space.

3. The Into the Metaverse NFTs by Adidas

In collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney, and the Punks Comic creators, Adidas launched an incredibly successful NFT collection of 30,000 tokens that give owners access to special physical goods.

As a result, Adidas gained some traction as a digital brand, built anticipation for the metaverse, and is helping position NFTs into the mainstream.

4. The Superbowl NFTs by the NFL and Ticketmaster

In November last year, the NFL partnered with Ticketmaster to launch complimentary virtual commemorative tickets as a limited-edition NFT for select games of the 2021 NFL season.

NFL fans have always loved collecting ticket slubs, and now they got the chance to do so digitally. So, this initiative helped the brand offer one-of-a-kind experiences, create additional value, and further engage with its audience.

5. A charitable NFT auction by Coca-Cola

Because being the most famous soft drink in the world is not enough, Coca-Cola has now dived into the fast-growing metaverse ecosystem with a small NFT collection. On International Friendship Day last year, four unique Coca-Cola NFTs were put up for auction on OpenSea.

Auctioned over 72 hours, the tokens helped the company position itself as a front-runner in the new digital landscape while contributing to a good cause, as the proceeds were donated to Special Olympics International.

NFTs as powerful marketing tools

NFTs have evolved beyond art: they now offer holders many perks and benefits and can help brands enhance their marketing strategies, bringing them up to speed with the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

While this trend began only a couple of months ago, one can only assume that the use of NFTs as marketing tools will continue to grow exponentially. So, companies would be wise to start digging into the NFT space to discover the many opportunities it has to offer.